The reason salsa dancing is fun

Are you interested in this kind of dance? Or maybe stumbled upon the ‘salsa scene’ and you want to know more about it. Or you are intrigued to know the reason why everyone appears to be so happy when dancing. Then is this article the perfect read for you.

Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originates in New York. This dance has been influenced by Latin American countries such as Cuba and Puerto Rico. Moves found in Salsa are also found in the Cuban son, the chachacha and mambo. This is one of the main reasons why salsa dancing is so fun. Salsa is a warm Latin dance with all the ingredients to make you have a good night.

People at salsa parties are always happy and you are assured to have a cozy ambiance. That’s not totally a strange thing because dancing has this effect on people. Salsa is not just a great way to be socially engaged with others but is also have a great effect on your health. Dancing salsa is a form of cardio. This is important to know because when you do cardio your body produces endorphin’s. Endorphin’s are natural pain relievers and are also responsible for that feeling of happiness and euphoria. In other words you get immediately rewarded with a good feeling when you dance and a great full-body workout. This means that all your muscles (abs, legs and glutes) get trained in a fun way and without the stink and sweat of a gym.

Because dancing salsa is such a fun workout and you get such quick results it also gives you a boost in your self-confidence. This has a spiraling effect. The more self-confidence you gain the better you feel on the dance floor and the more you will try new things. This will make you feel better about yourself and makes you feel sexy. Salsa moves bring you in contact with your sexuality, and why not? This is the perfect opportunity to so. Everybody does it and it makes the dance look better.

Salsa dancing is a social activity. Every time you go to a salsa party you will meet plenty of people and will be dancing with different people the whole night. Drinking and salsa do not mix, so you will not get annoyed by drunken people.

In contrast to what most people think is salsa dancing for everybody. It surely is a dance with Latin influences but that doesn’t mean that it’s a dance only for the latinos. Everybody can learn it. On such an evening you’ll meet different nationalities and that’s not all. There are also people with different backgrounds, from iT professionals to restaurant owners, students to horeca staff.

And last but not least, salsa dancing is an international event. Everywhere you go in the world you will find a spot to dance salsa. And we at Latin Hotspot will help you find that spot. When you find that hotspot you will encounter the same kind and social people you are accustomed to encounter at home.

In conclusion: salsa dancing has a positive influence on your body, you get a good feeling and you meet new nice people. Those are the reasons that make salsa dancing such fun. Try it out. And if you already known in the salsa scene, now you know why you love it so much.