Prepare for some Gold

“Héroe favorito”, the last single of Romeo Santos made all of us believe in heroes again.. It left us craving for more… Well now we can put a stop to the waiting.

GOLDEN has been released

We had to wait a long time but the new CD of Romeo Santos is finally here. That’s how the king of bachata celebrated his birthday. 18 new songs, that’s the treat of the birthday boy. Each song with it’s own character. The CD consists of a mix of different genres. Bachata is ofcourse the main dish, but the side’s are at least as tasty. (I better don’t get started on food. What was I talking about again? *thinking* Yeah!! I got it.) 18 song that make This a pleasent CD to listen to.

Romeo Santos turned it into a habit to hang out with well known artists in the studio.. The result is magnifisent. “Carmín”, a collaboration with Juan Luis Guerra is a stairway to the seventh heaven and will surely be a hit.

The voices of Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Julio Iglesias can also be heard on this CD. My advice:

Make sure to listen to GOLDEN today!!!

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