the secret

This outfit would be perfect for salsa dancing! Ugh, wait, never mind. My bra’s going to show and I might as well be braless with a strapless bra.

Ladies, many of you have the privilege of wearing pretty much ANY type of top by putting on a strapless bra, whether it’s a stick-on ,pasties, wrap around strap, bandeau or depending on your cup size… nothing!

Unfortunately, a great majority of women either can’t afford a heavy duty strapless option, or simply don’t feel that these types of bras are helpful for their “twin sisters” at front. Well, ladies and gentleman (yes, gentleman, because either you’ll be buying it for her, or thanking me later for not hearing the “my bra keeps falling” excuse)… I have the solution for you! For years, I struggled a lot with this problem and had to give away a lot of cute tops/dresses because I was never able to get a hold of the perfect solution for my twins.

When I joined a salsa performance team and was given my competition outfit, I stared at my outfit for hours trying to figure out how in the world I was going to pull it off without giving the audience a peep show. Two words: Duct Tape.

The one that you use to close up boxes when you’re moving out?

Yes! Ese mero! I’m not kidding you, it works wonders. Of course, it’s not your typical cute Victoria’s Secret bra, BUT it lasts a very long time and you can pretty much mold it to fit well with your outfit AND it provides great support. Duct tape was honestly my best friend whenever it came down to performance time.

Next thing I knew, many of the ladies on the team were carrying duct tape in their bags and using it for other types of events. One thing though, don’t think that one short piece of tape will do the trick. You must either do long pieces or layer some on top of each other.

You’re welcome.

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