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Ahora se habla Español

Like J Balvin says, “¿Y dónde está mi gente?” …. que habla español! That’s right, Latin HotSpot has great news for all you spanish speakers (and those who want to improve their spanish speaking skills).

As of Sunday, October 8, Latin Hotspot is about to make a change to the website. We will now have text in … * Drumrol *


(this is the part where you imagine a crowd cheering with a round of applause)

We are very excited to present to you this new feature, and hope you are to! So please share share share! Tell your mom, your tia, la suegra, and everyone! Oh, and we also… just kidding. I can’t tell you the other news right now, which is why you need to stay posted for the upcoming article..

Llanto por “La Isla del Encanto”

Most of you should be aware already of all the natural disasters that have been occurring lately throughout the world. These past days, Puerto Rico, “La Isla del Encanto,” was heavily hit by Hurricane Maria, leaving the island and its surrounding areas completely devastated. This has not only affected the residents and friends/family members of those, but it has hit home to many Puerto Rican artists.

These past days, social media has been filled with publications in relations to the natural disasters that have been occurring. After the hurricane’s hit to the tropical island, Puerto Rico was left without power/communication, and Puerto Rican artists were not able to hold back their emotions. Among these artists are Nicky Jam, Wisin, Yandel, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Tito El Bambino and Ricky Martin, which all have contributed with donations for the cause. This past weekend, reggaeton artist, Daddy Yankee, had a concert in New York and he took advantage of his concert to ask fans to bring donations to the concert. With so many people contributing, he successfully filled up four large trucks with donations to head out to Puerto Rico.

Latin pop artists, Luis Fonsi also demonstrated his sympathy this weekend and broke down in tears during his concert in Florida. Mattie J.T. Sthepanek once said,
“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” On this #TipTuesday, I want to close out with this quote to encourage everyone to unite as one and help out in whatever way possible. I don’t just mean for this catastrophe, but in general, lend a helping hand to whoever you can and however you can. In moments like these, ANYTHING helps! Whether it’s clothes, food, money, blankets, first aid kits, feminine products, towels,
hygiene care… ANYTHING will make a difference to these victims. You never know when you might need a helping hand from someone else…

Some links, but not limited to, where you can contribute with donations:
Direct Relief
Red Cross
Charity Navigator: Charity
Donations for Mexico: Google
Ricky Martin for Puerto Rico: You Caring
Unidos por Puerto Rico (government site): Unidos por Puerto Rico

Be Safe! Take Note

As positive as I would like to be today, I can’t help but to point out what has been occurring lately in today’s world. Unfortunately, these past days have been filled with tragic news of natural disasters occurring in the world, some, resulting in deaths. It is important that we are all prepared for inevitable things like this which is why I have decided to focus today’s #TipTuesday on this topic. (more…)

Yo te Recuerdo, Juan Gabriel

Last Monday, August 28, 2017, marked one year that Juan Gabriel passed away. Alberto Aguilera Valadez, most commonly known as “Juan Gabriel” and dubbed “El Divo de Juarez,” was not only one of the best composers in the Latin music industry, but a great artist overall.

Don’t be a follower

Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome back to my #TipTuesday of the week! I’m pretty sure most of you have heard the expression and/or been told to NOT be a follower. I, personally, always tell myself to aim to be a leader in this world and to not always do what
others say is best for me. This is definitely a great phrase to apply to everyday life for numerous reasons, BUT dance is about to change that for you. (more…)