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As positive as I would like to be today, I can’t help but to point out what has been occurring lately in today’s world. Unfortunately, these past days have been filled with tragic news of natural disasters occurring in the world, some, resulting in deaths. It is important that we are all prepared for inevitable things like this which is why I have decided to focus today’s #TipTuesday on this topic.

We can’t prevent hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, etc. from occurring, but we can definitely follow certain procedures and do/have certain things that will help us prevent misfortunes. I strongly suggest that you please take note of the following tips given today!

1. Make Room On Your Cell/Tablet

Clear up unnecessary apps (Candy Crush is not that important, trust me) and replace them with Hurricane trackers and other helpful apps such as the Red Cross App and the Weather Channel.

2. Save Your Battery!

You don’t know how long you will go on without an outlet/charger and it is important that you conserve your battery whether it’s the vehicle’s, cell phone’s, or flashlight’s, to name some.

3. Emergency Kit/Essentials

If you don’t already have a first aid kit in your vehicle/home, get to it! This is something that you should always have, regardless if you think you might be in danger or not. Avoid stressing over preparing one last minute by having a small bag/”carry on” prepared already with what’s most important (identification, currency, snacks, clothes, etc.).

These are just some suggestions I believe are vital for situations like these, but not the only ones. Let’s all work together to prevent tragedies and be safe please

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